We understand the anxiety that can come along with a lit-up engine light or a sudden car noise that you have never heard before. We love getting to tell a customer that their car’s problem just needs an inexpensive fix. But we also know that sometimes the problems are costlier and more complicated. No matter the issue, we offer a wide variety of services to make sure that we can get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Collision repair

Accidents happen. And while there’s no way to change that, we can get your car looking the same, or better, than it did before. From fender benders to more significant needs, we are outfitted to provide a lasting fix and peace of mind.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Dents and dings can really detract from the appearance of your vehicle. In certain instances, when the damage is shallow and there is no damage to the car’s paint, our technicians can quickly and easily repair the damage and give you back a dent-free car. When paint is damaged or the dent is larger in size, we may need to use a more involved process.

Hail repair

Hail damage can range from minor to extensive, but whether it’s a dented roof and hood or a broken windshield, we can provide the fix.

Minor scrapes and scratch repair

Similar to our PDR process, our skilled technicians can quickly repair small scrapes and scratches and get your car looking fresh again.

Structural panel repair/refinish

Whether your car has been in an accident or simply needs some TLC, we have the resources to fix structural issues as well as surface issues, so you can drive safe and look good doing it.

Computerized color matching

With our computerized color matching technology we can guarantee to match your car’s existing paint color.

Spot welding

Our spot welding methods create the heat to get the job done, but their speed and localized application don’t affect the surrounding steel’s mechanical properties.

Glass replacement

Most of us have felt that sinking feeling you get when a rock hits the windshield as you’re driving down the highway. Whether it’s a small chip you want to prevent from growing or a totally broken windshield, we can take care of your glass needs.

Power window repair

A broken power window can significantly ruin your cool breeze or drive-thru experience. We can fix your stuck window, or your window that won’t close or open.

Specialized Equipment

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (EM) parts
  • Prospot Compression Spotweld
  • Computerized Pinpoint Measuring System
  • Computerized Color Matching System
  • Multiple drive-on frame racks
Auto Repair Mechanic

Our Team of Experts

View this photo slider to see our team at work on a few recent jobs for our customers.

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